Order Pizza using your Xbox One with a new Domino's app

Italian Pizza Sxc Hu Ilco

Gamers will never need to leave the couch again.

Microsoft's Xbox One console is reportedly getting a Domino's Pizza app, according to Marketing Magazine.

The Sunday Times has reported that Microsoft and Domino's have begun a partnership which is scheduled to be announced next month.

The Domino's Pizza app is said to use Kinect voice and hand commands, meaning you'll only have to say 'Domino's, feed me', or wave your hand to access the app to begin your order.

The Xbox 360 already has a Pizza Hut app in the US which was launched last year, and pulled in $1 million worth of sales it the first 4 months.

We've all been there - I hope, otherwise this makes me the only one - you're playing a game and you're absolutely engrossed, so much so that you check your clock and it's way beyond dinner time. And it's a little late to be cooking, at least that's the excuse you give yourself. So, it's pizza time! Right? And you call up, or order online, which takes a certain amount of valuable time away from your game. A pizza ordering app on Xbox One would mean you'll be much more efficient in your game to feeding time ratio, right? I wonder if it'll have a 'snap' function...

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