Check out Kyrat’s Midland and Himalayan regions in new Far Cry 4 vid

Far Cry 4 concept art

Part two of Far Cry 4’s ‘Welcome to Kyrat’ video series goes further into Kyrat’s sprawling game world.

Following a look around Kyrat’s lowland area a new video from Ubisoft is showing two more regions you’ll be moving through in the game.

Journeying north into the game’s Midland area reveals vast forests, exotic animals, brutal blood sports and Kyrat’s booming drug trade. The region is also where you’ll find the game’s gladiatorial Arena, where you can fight it out to the death against wolves, tigers and other combatants.

Travelling up into the snowy peaks of the Himalayan areas and you’ll be faced with the dangers of sheer cliff faces, avalanches, a host of ravenous predatory animals and the Royal Army’s elite forces. it is also here where Pagan Min’s Sky Prison can be found, where the sociopathic warlord imprisions those that would stand against his regime. The prison is overseen by former Triad Yuma who leads Min’s Elite Royal Guard.


Far Cry fans eager to check out the latest installment in the series won’t have much longer to wait. Far Cry 4 launches on 18th November in North America and 20th November in Europe on PS3, PS4. Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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