Russell Brand: Is he standing to be the next Mayor of London?

Speculation has been rising that comedian Russell Brand has told close friends that he will be standing to be Mayor of London in 2016

Brand has been on record as saying that voting is a ‘waste of time’ and has never votes himself but has reportedly told close friends that he plans to stand in 2016 as an independent candidate for the Mayoral position.

When his spokeswoman was approached she refused to deny the rumours.

She said: "We're not commenting."

Whether or not he really wants to run for the biggest political position in the capital will not be made clearer over the next few weeks or months. Nominations for the London mayoral election will not close until around five weeks before the contest in May 2016, so it could be a long while before we find out if the rumours are true.

Brand has been heavily publicising his new book, Revolution, which potentially includes some clues as what his policies would be should he choose to enter the race.

He is strongly ‘anti politics’ and ‘anti establishment’ and admits he “can’t get [his] head around economics”. He has also openly declared his support for “collectives”, and wants to abolish the monarchy.

Brand is not the only comedian who might be hoping to become London Mayor. Eddie Izzard has openly declared his ambition to stand as Labour’s candidate in 2020. This could be fast forwarded to 2016 should Brand throw his hat in the ring, as Labour attempts to compete with Brand’s celebrity status.