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Red Dead Redemption

HITC's gaming authors share what they are playing this weekend.

So last week the Here Is The City authors were playing Battlefield 4, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, Ace Combat 6 and Rage so what will we be playing this weekend? Let's find out.

Steve - Rainbow Moon

I’ve got the PS3 running at the moment as I’ve been playing a fair bit of the new Borderlands during the week. In between sessions on Elpis, I’ve been having a play on Rainbow Moon. Along with Arkham Asylum, Rainbow Moon came up for free on PlayStation Plus this month and having already got the platinum for Arkham (the combat challenges are hardcore) I thought I’d give it a go.

Sometimes the idea of grinding up from level 1 again is a turn off, but I’ve had Rainbow Moon recommended to me and getting into the skill trees for Claptrap on Borderlands (yes i choose Claptrap!) has reinvigorated the RPG senses a bit.

While this game is very ‘grindy’ I like the toned-down, stat-light set up and think the combat mechanics are really well done. They remind me of playing pen and paper D&D, wherein you have movement as part of your turn. Set out in a squared grid pattern you can move about the field of battle, as opposed to the static face-off, ‘fling attacks on your turn’ style of gameplay. This makes positioning and the direction you’re facing in considerations in fights. You also get a speed stat that roughly equates to your Initiative in D&D, where higher speeds mean you get to move higher up the turn order, I’ve found buffing your speed invaluable in the early game.

Presented with some arcadey beat heavy, electro-fantasy music, a cartoony style and odd little translational quirks in the text, there’s a certain charm to the game. I’ve just dinged level 5 and picked up my first group member who uses a bow at range, but haven’t used her yet, so will be giving Rainbow Moon a twirl in between other stuff I’ve got going on this weekend.


Adam - Civilization: Beyond Earth

I'm travelling this weekend, hoorah! No, no 'hoorah'. I'm not really a fan of travelling. The reason for my journey is a positive one, but I don't like all the waiting around. That's why it's important I have something to occupy my mind. And this weekend it'll be the newly-released Civilization Beyond Earth. I've literally played about 30 mins of the game so far, and I'll bring you my first impressions tomorrow. But for now I'll just give you a brief overview of what it is.

Civilisation: Beyond Earth is a 4X strategy game which lets players assume the role of a world leader allowing them to make every decision about their civilisation's future. From where to build it's outposts and agricultural buildings, to what kind of scientific research to invest in, as well as what military units to train and where to station them. It's a Civilization game first and foremost, but where previous titles have been firmly based on our own home of Earth, this time around the citizens take to the stars and settle on an uknown alien world. Instead of barbarians hordes, you're met with alien lifeforms. I'm looking forward to spending more time with the game, as I'm a fan of the series, and sci-fi in general, so it seems like a perfect pairing.


Matt - Red Dead Redemption

This weekend I'll be playing a game that is recognised in gaming circles as an absolute classic, Rockstar's 2010 release Red Dead Redemption. Now I have to admit that I didn't get to play this when it came out as i was far too busy playing Fallout: New Vegas in whatever spare time I may have had. In fact I only bought the game a couple of weeks ago and so am experiencing it for the first time. 

Red Dead Redemption is an open world action adventure game set during the decline of the American Frontier in 1911. You play as John Marston, a former outlaw, charged by the FBI to capture or kill his old gang members to clear his name. 

As I said I'm new to the game but so far I am totally gripped by the setting and the story, it's great fun riding around the countryside looking out for robbers or the odd Mountain Lion. I have to admit that I've been playing a lot of poker in the game so far which seriously kills some time and can really help to boost your funds. Much like Fallout or GTA you have the choice of wether to be a good guy or not. Do you help the ladies from the salloon when they are being attacked or just turn a blind eye? The choice is yours. Something else I have been surprised by is the horses themselves, you develop a reall attachment to your chosen stead and it can be genuinely gutting when they die, especially if they have have seen you through some tough scrapes.

I'm looking forward to a weekend in the olden days and can't wait to see what the story has for me.


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