Back to the Future Hoverboards Finally A Reality

Arx Pax have created an actual Hoverboard and you could own one, for $10,000.

Ever since we first saw Marty McFly running away from Griff Tannen on a Hoverboard in 1989s Back To The Future 2 the whole world has dreamed of the day that they could own one, and now you can.

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American tech startup Arx Pax has unveiled the Hendo, a genuine Hoverboard which you can get on Kickstarter for the princely sum of $10,000. The Hendo, unlike previous hoaxes, actually hovers and can be ridden so you can emulate Marty Mcfly to your hearts content, sort of. As with so many great inventions there is, of course, a hitch. The Hendo will only work on specific surfaces due the hover functionality being based on Mag Lev technology.

Despite it's limitation you have to admit that it is pretty cool. The video below shows the Hendo in action.

The company is looking for $250,000 to invest in further research and at the time of writing are almost there. Pledges start as low as $5, getting you a shout out on a social network site of your choice and your name on their hall of donors, going all the way up to $10,000 for your very own Hoverboard.

This of course isn't the first invention or product to be inspired by Back To the Future, in fact several of the futuristic aspects from the movie are already on the market. Wireless Video Games, Tablet Computers, Video Conferencing, Biogas and Auto Lacing Trainers have all now become a reality but there are still many predictions that haven't happened, such as the Double Tie and Flying Cars.

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Inventors still have time though as it is a full year untill 21st October 2015, the date Marty McFly arrived in the future. We can't wait to see what might happen before that date.

If you would like to donate to the Hendo Hoverboard you can find their Kickstarter here.