Demo for Papers, Please dev’s new game now available

Return of the Obra Dinn

Lucas Pope moves on from a totalitarian border control sim to a nautical themed first person mystery game.

A new game from Lucas Pope, the developer behind the popular indie title Papers, Please is in the works. Entitled Return of the Obra Dinn, Pope’s new game takes the form of a first person mystery, and those that are interested can now try out a demo.

Set in 1808 the game’s story centres around a Mary Celeste-esque merchant ship - the Obra Dinn - thought to have been lost at sea six years previously. After the Obra Dinn drifts back to port, your mission is to board the mysterious vessel in an attempt to figure out what’s been going on.

The demo is currently available from Pope’s own webpage. He warns however that: "This is a very early playable build. There's not much content and it hasn't been tested. Progress is not saved."

The Return of the Obra Dinn demo is available for Windows PC and can be accessed via this link

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