Are Sony capitalising on Sunset Overdrive's font? Or is it an error?

PSN Sunset Overdrive font advert

PlayStation's latest sale on PSN has made an interesting choice with it's font and colour palette.

A new ad over on Sony's PlayStation Network is blatantly using the unique font from upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive's own Twitter account spotted the use of their game's font, and even tweeted Playstation in recognition saying: 'Nice font. Glad you guys are excited for @SunsetOverdrive too.'

The image of the PSN ad is below.

PSN Sunset Overdrive font advert

Compare that to the Sunset Overdrive lettering on the cover art, and you've got a match. The PSN ad even goes as far as using a bright colour palette, although it doesn't match the exact colours of the Xbox exclusive.

Sunset Overdrive Boxshot Front


I find it hard to believe that a widely-advertised game such as Sunset Overdrive, and particularly it's art style and font, would be able to go unnoticed by whoever created the banner for the PSN sale. So have Sony consciously used it for some controversial sale advertising? Or could this be a genuine error by someone who liked the style of the font for their ad? The cynic in me says the former.

The font (called 'Overdrive Sunset') is available for anyone to use for free, which Insomniac later clarified it the tweet below:

Either way, however this font's use came to be on the PSN ad, it's gained them some more advertising, even by their competitors.

You can download the font yourself over here if you like.

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