Rockstar warns to be wary of GTA V beta scams

GTA V Screen

“There is no pre-release 'beta' test for Grand Theft Auto V," say the developers

Early access and beta tests for major titles coming out is a fairly common practice in recent times. Rockstar, the developers behind the massively successful Grand Theft Auto series are warning gamers however that this will not be the case with the upcoming ports of GTA V.

"Please note: There is no pre-release 'beta' test for Grand Theft Auto V," states an official message from Rockstar. "If you see ads or solicitations to join a beta program, beware as this is likely some kind of online phishing scam."

While the message doesn’t specify any particular scams, the lure of free access to games is a fairly common practice for scammers trying to phish accounts. During the Summer a FIFA World Cup scam sought to compromise EA Sports accounts. Malwarebytes recent also uncovered scams offering bogus Xbox emulators on PC.

To protect yourself. it’s always best to make sure any offers of beta access come from official sources.

GTA V makes the jump to next gen consoles on 18th November when it launches for Xbox One and PS4. The game will be coming to PC on 27th January next year.

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