Developer aims death threat at Gabe Newell, game is dropped from Steam

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Mike Maulbeck of Code Avarice sent various tweets regarding Paranautical Activity's launch on Steam, which caused the company to drop his game from the service.

Paranautical Activitiy developer, Mike Maulbeck, had his game taken off Steam following a series of tweets  that ended in a death threat to Valve's co-founder Gabe Newell.

Maulbeck's Paranautical Activity was fully released on Steam yesterday, following a run on its Early Access program. However, when the game was released it still indicated on the store page that it was in Early Access, causing Maulbeck to claim it would 'greatly cripple sales and confuse customers.'

In an email to Polygon, Maulbeck stated: 'This being a project I spent years of my life on, I was very frustrated by this mistake [Valve] made, so I tweeted a series of tweets calling them incompetent that eventually ended in me saying 'I swear I'm gonna f*****g kill gabe' or something. A statement I obviously didn't mean, but nonetheless was totally unacceptable and driven entirely by the heat of frustration I was feeling at the time.'

Various profane tweets were sent by Maulbeck, calling Valve 'incompetent', claiming they were 'taking money' out of his pocket, and calling them out as having a 'monopoly'.

A screenshot of the deleted tweet in which Maulbeck threatened Newell is below:

Mike Maulbeck Gabe Newell tweet

According to Maulbeck, Valve contacted him to say it was terminating their relationship with the developer and closing down his Steam admin account, following Paranautical Activity being taken off the Steam service.

Valve confirmed to Polygon that the game was taken down because of Maulbeck's threat.

Maulbeck has replied to Valve to apologise and request they reconsider their decision. 'I have since obviously replied to them saying that I didn't mean what I said and pleaded that they consider the monopoly they have on the PC market before totally writing us off,' Maulbeck wrote in an email to Polygon. 'But let's be real. If they took the game off the store, they're f****n sure about their decision. There's probably nothing to be done.'

Paranautical Activity can still be bought over on the Humble Store and Desura, although they may appear to not be as effective as Steam was, as Maulbeck did tweet: 'Don't worry guys, everything is gonna be OK, we sold TWELVE copies on non-steam platforms today!'

Thanks, Polygon.

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