Civilization 5 is completely free on Steam until Thursday

Civilization 5 screen shot

Steam is offering up the latest Civilization game for free before the new one lands this Friday.

Civilization V is currently available to play for free on Steam until 23rd October at 10am. It's the perfect chance to try out the game if you've only been thinking about it til now.

For the uninitiated, the Civilization series lets players assume the role of a world leader in their conquest to rule the world. You advance your civilization through the ages, from primitive settlers right up to present day and beyond.

2K Games and Firaxis' latest offering to the Civilization series is Civilization: Beyond Earth, which is due for release this weekend on 24th October. It appears to uses the same gameplay, however it's set on a new alien world in the future. So, this is no doubt an effort to bring new players into the series. But, it's a great game, plus it's free, so make sure you try it out before Thursday.

Have a look at the launch trailer below.

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