2D video games invade the real world

pipocaVFX 2D Games real world screen 1

A YouTube video created by pipocaVFX showcases some famous gaming characters within our world.

Have you ever wondered what Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, Pokemon, or even Mario would look like in the real world? Well, in a new video created by Filipe Costa of pipocaVFX, they've transported all of those games and more into real life.

The 2D sprites are blended in with the real life backgrounds seamlessly. You'll see Godzilla walking the streets, Mario (Jumpman) climbing a building to rescue Pauline (Lady), and Sonic collecting rings across lush green fields.

Take a look at the pixelated characters as they make themselves at home on Earth. Thanks, Kotaku.

Rather handily there's also a list of games and times they appear in the video, just in case you're a little confused as to who's who.

Game List:

00:04 _ Advance Wars 2

00:08 _ Metal Slug

00:12 _ Lamborghini - American Challenge

00:15 _ Godzilla – Kajuu Dai Kessen

00:20 _ Donkey Kong

00:25 _ Street Fighter II Turbo

00:28 _ Mortal Kombat 2

00:29 _ Killer Instinct

00:31 _ The King of Fighters (96)

00:33 _ Dragon Ball Z – Hyper Dimension

00:38 _ Super Mario World

00:41 _ Donkey Kong Country

00:43 _ Sonic the Hedgehog 2

00:48 _ Super Star Wars 3: Return of the Jedi

00:52 _ Indiana Jones - Greatest Adventures

00:55 _ Legend of Zelda

00:57_ Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

00:59 _ Pokemon - Black/White

01:02 _ Excite Bike

01:05 _ Super Mario Kart

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