Sony detail more features coming in update 2.0, USB music player due

PS4 Collection

Upcoming update to also include home screen colour changes and a number of enhancements

After revealing at the Tokyo Game Show last month that themes, Share Play and Youtube support would be incoming to PS4, Sony has outlined some new features to also be including in system software update 2.0, codenamed ‘Masamun.’

Those waiting to be able to listen to their own MP3 collections on PS4 will be able to do so with the update, which brings in a USB music player allowing you to access tracks loaded onto a USB stick.

PS4 update 2.0 screen grab

PS4 users will also be able to change the colour of the home screen, recieve friend suggestions and use an Add to Library feature within PlayStation Plus to get games without having to download them and fill up hard drive space.

The update will also be bringing enhancements to voice commands, live broadcasting and the content area and library menus.

Sony are yet to give a due date for the update but it is expected before the end of the year. For more detail on the upcoming features hit this link. More details on update 2.0 are expect to be revealed soon. 

Sony are holding back a big reveal for December but what is it?

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