Hyrule Warriors Master Quest DLC now available

Hyrule Warriors Master Quest DLC Screen 1

The first DLC pack for Nintendo's Dynasty Warriors and Zelda mash-up is now available, allowing players to ride Epona into battle and more.

The first DLC for Hyrule Warriors - The Master Quest Pack - is now availble to download on the Nitnendo eShop for Wii U.

The DLC pack includes Epona, Link's famous steed from the Zelda games, so you can now ride into battle. There are also five extra story episodes, a new Master Quest Adventure Mode map, and new costumes for Cia.

A free update to the game also includes three of the game's baddies as playable characters; Volga, Wizzro, and Cia.

Next month the second DLC pack will be released, which centres around the Twilight Princess and includes a new playable character, weapon, another Adventure Map, and two new costumes.

There is a Season Pass available which guarantees you all four DLC packs at a discounted price and also unlocks a Dark Link character skin.

Our review of Hyrule Warriors found the game to be exactly what Nintendo's Wii U needed to boost it's lacking library of top exclusive titles.

Check out the trailer for the new DLC below.

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