ESO update 5 to bring new dungeon, repeatable Pledges & more

Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax details what features in The Elder Scrolls Online's fifth major update.

Now available on The Elder Scrolls Online Public Test Server is the game’s fifth major title update for players to try out 

The update features a new Veteran Dungeon: City of Ash, which “introduces dangerous new challenges,” a new facial animation system for NPCs to make them look more realistic during conversations and a dungeon scaling system in which enemies and rewards scale to the level of the group leader “giving you more chances to group up, experience a challenge, and get appropriate rewards.”

Repeatable Pledges are included which The Undaunted offer to players once a day - rewarding specific dungeon runs with special loot and trophies. There are also repeatable crafting Writs to complete for inspiration, materials, and special Survey Reports that will lead you to high-yield harvesting nodes.

According to Zenimax “Those are the main highlights of Update 5, but much more is coming, including the new Dwemer crafting style, a new item set to craft, chat bubbles, and our continued effort to expand delves throughout the game. And, of course, the update will bring plenty of bug fixes and other improvements.”

You can check out the full patch notes for the update by hitting this link.

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