The Evil Within has a tip of the hat to Resident Evil

The EVil Within

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks' new survival horror game comes with a tribute to the original Resident Evil.

The Evil Within launched on PC and across multiple consoles yesterday, and Kotaku have noticed that there's a familiar-looking scene in the game that could be interpreted as a tribute to Resident Evil.

This tip of the hat isn't surprising as the The Evil Within has been directed by the creator of 1996's Resident Evil on PS1, Shinji Mikami. Yes, it's got elements of a spoiler, so don't read on unless you're OK seeing it.

For comparison here is the original scene from the first Resident Evil game and the remake:

Here's a gif from Kotaku of the scene in question from The Evil Within - the similarity is unquestionable and it's a nice little tribute to the game that spawned so many survival horror titles after it.

This Evil Within Scene Will Look Familiar to Resident Evil Fans

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