The Civilization: Beyond Earth intro cinematic has grim beginnings

Civilization: Beyond Earth intro screen 1

The newest addition to the Civilization games series blasts off with the intro cinematic before its release next week.

The full intro cinematic for Firaxis and 2K Games interstellar take on Civilization  - Civilization: Beyond Earth - has been released.

You won't gain any info on gameplay in the new video, but it gives a little context to the story, and it starts off pretty grim.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is due for release on 24th October on PC, Mac, and Linux. It's the latest game in the Civilization series, but it's the first time the game has been taken away from Earth and into space to an unknown planet. You'll be the designer of humanity's future as you explore, build, and expand your influence across an unknown landscape to discover new life and ensure the human race survives.

Take a look at the new intro below.

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