Star Wars Battlefront 3 leaked pre-alpha footage is one for the fans

Star Wars Battlefront 3 pre-alpha leak 1

Free Radical's Star Wars: Battlefront 3 was never released, but some footage of the game on Xbox 360 has made it's way onto YouTube.

Star Wars Battlefront 3  was a title being developed by Free Radical Design (now Crytek UK), the creators of the Timesplitters games. Battlefront 3 was unfortuantely canned by LucasArts before it could be completed back in 2008, but some pre-alpha gameplay of the game on Xbox 360 has emerged online.

The footage below is taken from pre-alpha gameplay of the title, so as you'd expect it's pretty ropey. There's low framerate, poor textures and renders etc. But that's not surprising. This is definitely one for Star Wars fans, as I doubt many others would sit through all the footage.

One really cool element is the planet to starship action - the player jumps in a troop transport and flies from Tatooine's surface up to the hangar bay of an orbiting starship. If they have something like this in the new Star Wars: Battlefront due out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year it'd be great.

Check out the video from Chr0m3xMoDz YouTube channel below. Thanks,

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