Bungie immortalises Destiny's loot cave with creepy message

Destiny Loot Cave message 1

In the latest update to Destiny Bungie have added in a message involving the Cryptarch at the Tower.

Are you still playing Destiny? I'm still playing Destiny. Is it for the story? Probably not, right now, but if you have been playing since launch you'll no doubt have been one of the many players tackling the coveted loot cave exploits - areas where enemies would endlessly spawn for you to gun down in the hopes of receiving shiny engrams. Despite the patch from Bungie getting rid of the caves the devs have left behind a reminder of our time there.

Over on Reddit one user spotted the cave along with a video showing exactly what's left behind there. If you head to the cave at Skywatch on Earth you'll see a pile of charred remains, prompting you to disturb them. Doing so plays an audio message which says: 'A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool!'

The 'Master Rahool' mentioned by the spooky voice is the Cryptarch at the Tower. You know, the guy who decodes those engram drops you pick up. Bungie recently patched the loot system so that the engram colours actually represent the quality of item you're likely to receive. But I'm still no fan of the Cryptarch.

The spooky message video is below.

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