World of Warriors a fresh concept for mobile gaming

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Mind Candy's new mobile game World of Warriors is fun, imaginative and informative.

Tuesday 14th October 2014 we were invited to the Brighton offices of Mind Candy, the studio that brought us Moshi Monsters, Pop Jam and Poppet, to be introduced to their latest App World of Warriors. 

After meeting the team and being given a brief tour of their studios we were introduced to the game.

World of Warriors is something very different for the team, an epic adventure and combat strategy game which could lovingly be described as a cross between Pokemon and Game of Thrones with a visual style akin to classic Anime or Adventure Time. The player collects warriors from throughout history and teams them up to battle an evil force, King Boneshaker, and his Skull Army Minions. It is worth noting that the game features hundreds of historically accurate Warriors from throughout time, all with their own incredible back-stories,special moves and gruesome facts. These warriors all have their own personalities and can be trained and upgraded to suit the players needs. Warriors are split into four categories Earth, Air, Fire and Water with each element directly affecting another.

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We were very impressed with the game, which benefits from very smooth graphics and a nice feel when battling the Skull Army. Battles are fast paced and innovitive, reminding the player of classic beat 'em ups but without the brutality. In order to pull off basic attacks or special moves you are required to complete quick tap based mini games such as stopping a shrinking circle to an exact point or tapping a sequence of random numbers. These tasks are lightning fast, keeping the player fully engaged in the battle experience. When we were playing the game it was really gripping and very hard to put down. 

As well as battles you can train your warriors to upgrade them and unlock Talismans, these can be added to your warriors to give them special abilities. This game has real progression which we are sure will give players a lot more game time than typical App games currently on the market. Add to all of this daily and weekly events which allow you to win gems and unlock Super Rare characters and you have a truly addictive game on your hands. On the subject of gems players will be able to purchase them but we are assured that if you want to play the game completely free you can earn them quickly enough so as not to ruin the gaming experience, something that some developers appear to have forgotten.

Something that really sets this game apart is the fact that it can be played by all ages, making it as easy or as tough as you wish. It is also surprisingly educational as each character has a Bio that tells you about either the individual or the civilization that they came from. We certainly learned a thing or two while we were there.

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Mind Candy tell us that there is a PvP mode in development which will be released in early 2015, which we can't wait to start playing, as well as continual free updates bringing more fun historical characters to the game.

World of Warriors will be released on iOS in mid November and Android at a later date.

We genuinely feel that this will be a big hit when it comes out and the amount of work that has gone into it really shines through.

For more information on World of Warriors visit the Official Website

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