Destiny patch shuts down Rocket Yard loot cave, nerfs assault rifles

Destiny Traveller

Going live today, patch also removes an exploit found in the Vault of Glass

Bungie’s latest patch for Destiny will be bringing several weapon balances, the end to another of the game’s loot caves and the removal of an exploit found in the Vault of Glass raid.

The changes to weapons sees assault rifles having their stability and precision damage multipliers nerfed with their base damage reduced by 2%. Scout rifles however will get a buffing with better target acquisition and increased damage. Tweaks are also incoming to shotguns, hand cannons and exotic weapons (Vex Mythoclast and Pocket Infinity).

The Rocket Yard loot cave is to close up with Bungie noting that “the Fallen have also retreated from their hold over the Rocket Yard to discuss a new takeover plan.”

Finally a change is to be made to the Vault of Glass raid’s Templar encounter, in order to stop players taking him down too easily by hiding out on sniper platforms.

You can read Destiny’s latest patch notes in full by hitting this link.

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