The G-Pack, a sleek but powerful PC that won't take over your lounge

PiixL G-Pack 1

Hardware company PiixL has created a Kickstarter compaign for their unique mounted PC for the living room.

More and more in recent years PC gaming has moved a little further towards a console-like platform, whilst still maintaining its superiority in terms of graphics and performance potential, depending on how much money you want to spend. With an increase in the amount of games that offer gamepad support, more people are using their PC rigs as super-powerful consoles. And with Steam's Big Picture mode that practically turns your Steam library of games into a console experience, it makes sense for people to be considering buying a PC for their living rooms instead of a console these days.

But do you want a large, potentially noisy, PC rig sat by your TV in your lounge? Not if you can help it, right? With Valve's Steam boxes on the horizon it makes the idea much more attractive, having a much smaller, gaming-focussed PC, sat by your TV. However, G-Pack is another option which ensures you won't even know a PC is there.

G-Pack is a PC housing system from London-based company PiixL, that hooks up to your TV to deliver a console experience, with PC performance, by hiding behind your TV set. Integrated into a TV mount, the G-Pack is hidden and claims to offer superior cooling to the components within, meaning you shouldn't hear any noises akin to a Jumbo Jet taking off.

The TV mounts to a bracket which the G-Pack can slide in and out of, meaning you don't need to move the TV at all when you want to tinker or upgrade.

PiixL G-Pack Image 2

I've laid out some of the specs for the G-Pack below:

  • components inside the G-Pack are packed in flat, meaning it's only 52mm thick
  • it slides in and out of a TV bracket for easy access
  • supports many TVs from 37" up to 70", up to 100kg
  • using top spec minimal noise fans the system is 'inaudible'
  • uses 'Dual Stage cooling system' to keep it cool
  • open to user upgrades

The G-Pack currently comes in three configurations, which the image below outlines at the bottom after the Kickstarter rewards.

G-Pack Kickstarter Spec Image 1

I'm not a PC expert, but the config prices look fairly decent to me. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I've converted the config prices to British Pounds Sterling at today's currency rates, but remember if you order outside of the US you'll have to pay more in import duties, VAT, and other taxes:

  • Config 1 -  $1,695 (£1,053.56)
  • Config 2  - $2,095 (£1,302.19)
  • Config 3 - $2,695 (£1,675.13)

For more info check out the G-Pack's Kickstarter page here, or the PiixL website here. It's currently raised $25,537 of its $150,000 goal, with only 19 days left, so if you're interested in seeing this in your home why not back it.

The Kickstarter video for the project is below.

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