Sega anime Series based on classic consoles comes out

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Calling all Sega fans, are you ready for the hard girls?

Are you a Sega fan? Do you still boot up your Megadrive, Saturn or Dreamcast from time to time? This series could be for you then as Sega have produced a 13 part series called 'Hi sCool! Seha Girl' (also known as Hard Girls) will have you exploding with happiness to every single reference in the whole Sega universe. 

It follows three young girls on their first day at school which is typical Japanese fare you might be thinking, however there is a catch!

We forgot to mention that the ladies in question are all highly stylized versions of Sega consoles from over the years! The girls all have character traits like the consoles they represent, even down to each of their birthdays being the actual release date for each console! The main characters of this are;

Dreamcast – A happy pink haired girly girl who wears a Dreamcast controller as a headband. She is fun loving, has big dreams and goals but often gets upset because she is financial poor.

SHG Dreamcast

Sega Saturn – The more serious determined girl in the group, she likes to act cool but really she wants to do the best she can. She wears a black dress with a white coat and has a black ring necklace.

SHG Sega Saturn

Mega-Drive – She is the nerdy smart girl of the group, using her resources and knowledge as power. She wears are Mega-Drive control pad in her hair and carries the ’16 bit’ book of knowledge.

SHG Meg-Drive

If the opening episode is anything to go by this series will get to amazing levels of awesomeness and if you are a fan then you may find yourself smiling, laughing out loud and pointing at the screen in awe because of all the classic gaming references (and from that we've seen there are lots including, Golden Axe, Virtua Fighter, Space Harrier, Outrun, Altered Beast and so on)

Check out the opening titles video below to see for yourself: 

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