Minecraft: Pocket Edition heading to Windows Phone

Windows Phone owners will be able to get in on the block mining action, as confirmed by Mojang.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is heading to Windows Phone according to a tweet from devs Mojang on Friday, however there's still some more work to be done despite a working version being created.

Jens Bergensten from Mojang confirmed that, 'Yes, Minecraft: Pocket Edition *is* coming to the Windows Phone! The port runs already, but there's still much to do before any release.'

This information obviously caused some to think that the Windows Phone version of Minecraft may have been brought about by Microsoft's purchase of Mojang. However, Bergensten clarified in a further tweet saying, 'with the help of MS, we've been working on a MC:PE Windows Phone port for a while, already before MS bought Mojang.'

So, that's another device you'll be able to construct, and mine, and run away from Endermen on.

The PS Vita Edition of Minecraft is due to arrive sometime this week on 15th October too.

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