F1 legend expresses anger over Bianchi crash

Alain Prost 1990 Ferrari

Alain Prost has vented his anger at the circumstances that led to Jules Bianchi's accident at the Japanese Grand Prix

"I don't want to make any polemics with the FIA, because I have a lot of respect for what has been done in terms of safety over the past 20 years," Prost told Autosport during the Russian Grand Prix weekend.

The Frenchman went on to explain that while the safety of cars and venues have improved, he was furious about "this f***ing truck on the track," referring to the crane that Bianchi made contact with after aquaplaning off the circuit.

"I was furious," continued Prost. "I was really shocked by the accident. You have the procedure, but the weather conditions were getting worse and worse with more and more water, so visibility was very bad.

"So you cannot have the same decision according to the procedure if the weather was good or bad. That is why I say I am not convinced. In this condition, especially with all the experience they have in terms of safety, they should have zero risk."

Prost added that while Bianchi was tragically unlucky to make contact with the crane, that should not affect how the sport acts to prevent a repeat incident.

"It is huge bad luck, but you should not judge the cause of the accident, you should judge the consequence. You don't want to have that.

"If it was my son, I wouldn't want this type of accident with a truck on an F1 track. That is what I cannot accept," concluded the four-time world champion.