Applications for Fable Legends beta now open

Fable Legends Shroud And Inga Face A Puck

Find out how to get your chance for some pre-release play on Xbox One’s exclusive co-op RPG.

MIcrosoft and Lionhead are now accepting applications for the upcoming Fable Legends beta test.

For your chance to get on board head to the Fable Legends website and provide your email address. After this you’ll need to verify your address and link your Gamertag - then it’s a matter of waiting to see if you get selected.

The beta will begin on 16th October, so those lucky enough to be picked should be finding this out before then.

Fable Legends is due to launch exclusively on Xbox One in 2015, The game allows for four player groups to take on dungeons within the world of Albion. Legends also comes with an asymmetric multiplayer option where a fifth player can take the role of an interfering dungeon master bad-guy, who can attempt to prevent the heros from completing their dungeon crawls by adding in enemies and traps.

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