Labyrinth sequel on its way?

The Henson Company is developing a sequel to its classic fantasy adventure Labyrinth.

Reports are coming out from Variety that The Henson Company are in the early stages of development for a sequel to their classic Labyrinth. The original movie came out in 1986 so you could easily see a sequel coming out in 2016, It's 30th Anniversary.

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For those who don't know, Labyrinth is a fantasy adventure about a young girl Sarah (Jennifer Connely) who's baby brother Toby has been kidnapped by The Goblin King, Jareth (David Bowie). Sarah must make her way through a treacherous Labyrinth filled with traps and strange creatures, created by legendary artist Brian Froud and Jim Henson. Along the way she makes new friends with some of the loveable creatures while Jareth becomes more and more sinister and vulnerable.

The film is rightfully remembered by people of a certain age as one of the all time great kids movies and continues to gain new fans today. This news will no doubt be greeted with mixed emotions, many will feel that it would be sacrilege to touch on the idea while others will be excited to see their favorite characters again. The big questions of course involve the big stars, David Bowie and Jennifer Connely. There has been no news as of yet regarding their return for a sequel but we really hope that they do.

In other Henson Company news it has also been announced that a sequel to The Dark Crystal is under development by the directors of Vampire thriller Daybreakers.

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It seems as though big things are on the horizon for The Henson Company, following the huge success of the two recent Muppet movies, and we can't wait to see how these projects turn out. We just hope they stick with the puppets and aren't tempted to CGI them.

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