Alien: Isolation review

Alien Isolation Screen 5

Marooned on a remote space station with a gaggle of crazed survivors, politely murderous androids and a single adult xenomorph, your task is simply to survive.

Like The Last Of Us, Isolation involves scavenging and hiding, nursing your precious few bullets for when they really matter, and spending the rest of your time cowering underneath desks or in air vents. The oppressive atmosphere and wonderfully retro-futuristic technology are ripped straight from the first Alien film. It’s a masterclass in tense, desperate survival horror.


Super Smash Bros, 3DS

Taking place on amusingly familiar backdrops, Super Smash Bros is a game of ludicrous cartoon violence perpetrated by and on Nintendo’s beloved characters, from Mario to pink cloud thing Kirby, by way of the Wii Fit Trainer, Zelda and guest stars Pac-Man and Sonic The Hedgehog. You can also create new fighters using Mii Maker, imbuing them with skills and equipping them with weaponry culled from every game imaginable, exploding Pokéballs joining a Steel Diver submarine gun. Its chaotic brawls work surprisingly well on the small screen.

Nintendo, £26.64-£39.99

Driveclub, PS4

Whereas a racing game such as Forza Horizon 2 just wants you to be silly in fast cars, cutting corners and ploughing across farmers’ fields, Driveclub is more traditional in its demands, confining you to tracks and penalising you for veering off them, as well as encouraging players to use teamwork when racing. Its rather clinical handling model suffers from an inability to turn off driving aids, and while its social features are solid, there are much better driving games out there.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, £49.99

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