The Wolf Among Us heads to PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One in November

The wolf among us 005 Bigby hero image artwork

Telltale Games' episodic take on the Fables comics arrives in stores and on next gen consoles next month.

Telltale Games has announced they're bringing The Wolf Among Us to retailers on 4th November in the US, and 7th November in Europe. It also signals the first time the game will be available on PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One.

The Wolf Among Us is an episodic game based on the Fables comics created by Bill Wlliningham. It acts as a prequel to the comics, and centres around a community made up of mythical characters from folklore and legend.

These mythical individuals must hide their presence on Earth from humans. Players take on the role of Bigby Wolf, the sherriff of Fabletown - the enclave created by the mythical community - and from the trailer below it looks like he's got his work cut out trying to hide them all.

Telltale Games' episodic titles are synonymous with choice and consequence, so every time you speak to a character or make a decision on who's life to save for example, you could be hit with the backlash later on down the line. Check out the trailer below, and beware, there's sweary bits.

The Wolf Among Us retail version is due for release on 4th November in the US, and 7th November in Europe for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. It will include all five episodes of the series and downloadable versions will also be available.

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