A first look at the new Minecraft Lego sets

Minecraft Lego Leak 1

A Russian retailer has leaked some new sets of the Minecraft Lego mash-up.

A new series of Minecraft Lego sets has been leaked by Russian retailer Mir Kobikov on their website Wednesday.

Mir Kobikov is a chain of Lego stores in Russia, and the new Minecraft sets appear to have be prematurely posted on their website. Some images of the sets are below, and although they're not of a high resolution, you can still make out what they include. Thanks, Gizmodo.

Minecraft Lego Leak 1

Minecraft Lego Leak 2Minecraft Lego Leak 3

There's no price or confirmation of when the new Lego sets will arrive either in Russia or the rest of the world as yet. However, the release date for the PS Vita version of Minecraft was announced yesterday, so if you've got yourself one of Sony's handheld devices you should check it out.

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