Adventure Time receives live-action makeover

Adventure Time

Gritty Reboots create live-action Adventure Time trailer and it's really epic.

Since it debuted in 2010 Adventure has gone on to become an International success with both adults and children falling in love with the Land of Ooo and it's magical inhabitants. 

The show often deals with some pretty adult themes and has from time to time been really emotional. Whether it's the back story of Ice King and Marceline or Jake coming to terms with becoming a Dad it has never shied away from challenging it's viewers.

In a new live-action trailer by Youtube channel Gritty Reboots this concept is taken even further and is done so well that we really want to see the story play out, even if it would be incredibly depressing. In the trailer the Land of Ooo is running out of magic and a lot of Ooo's inhabitants have died, most just left rotting where they fell. We see Lumpy Space Princess, Peppermint Butler and the Gumball Guardians all perished. A grown up Finn and Jake are still alive and, along with Princess Bubblegum, are trying to find a way to save Ooo and restore the magic. There are some seriously disturbing scenes as we see Princess Bubblegum slowly dying and the Earl of Lemongrab beheaded.

We won't give much more away but we are really impressed with this video and genuinely hope that this could perhaps become a plot for a future official Adventure Time movie. Only time will tell.

 You can view the full trailer below but be warned, it's really gritty.

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