The Game Boy start screens for almost every Game Boy game

NicksplosionFX Game Boy Press Start Video Screen 1

YouTube user NicksplosionFX has created a video showing the start screens for almost every Game Boy game ever made.

Are you ready for a nostalgia overload? If you were one of the lucky ones to play the Nintendo Game Boy growing up, like me, the video below from NicksplosionFX's YouTube channel showing an insane amount of Game Boy title screens will blow you away.

The video is 2 hours and 42 minutes long, and it simply shows the title screens for many original Game Boy games, along with the awesome chiptune music. NicksplosionFX says in the description, 'I know that I’m probably missing a few games. It was really difficult to find a complete list of original Game Boy games.' Even so, he's done an amazing job here.

A few games of particular note for me are Tetris, Mega Man, Pokémon, and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The video shows the games in alphabetical order, so you can quickly sift through to find a particular game you want to see. Oh, and don't you just love that chiptune music!

How many games are in the video that you remember playing? Thanks, Engadget.

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