3D artist takes you on a tour of stunning video game locales

Tim Hijlkema famous game locations GTA V

Revisit your favourite video game locations like never before.

We all have our favourite games, the ones we enjoy casually to while away the hours, and then there are the ones that fully immerse and engross us, transporting us into their worlds for hours on end. In this video from YouTube user and artist Tim Hijlkema, he's recreated a number of video game locations in stunning detail.

Recreated using 3D software Cinema 4D and Zbrush, you'll see locations from some top games including The Last of Us' Hidden Pines Corral Ranch, Fallout 3's Tenpenny's Tower, and the Cauldron Lake Lodge from Alan Wake which gave me shivers down my spine. There's a cheat sheet over on the YouTube page, but how many do you recognise without it? Thanks, Polygon.

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