WWE - Monday Night Raw Results 06th Oct 2014


Rating the matches and segments from this weeks Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

This weeks Raw was a real roller coaster, unfortunately not one of emotions however but one of quality. There were some really terrible moments and some absolutely amazing ones. Here’s how it played out.

Seth Rollins kicked things off, speaking his mind about John Cena and Dean Ambrose and claiming how much he loved the fact that they were both after him. Shortly after Cena ran down the ramp and attacked Rollins before Rollins ran away through the crowd, again. This time however Ambrose was waiting for him and he was chased back to ring side where Cena continued his assault. The fight was broken up by The Authority, who went on to arrange a Handicap Match for later that night, with Cena and Ambrose facing Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane.

Segment Rating 5/10

Gold & Stardust w/ Cesaro Vs The Usos w/ Dolph Ziggler

This was a pretty good match with everyone showing some moments of skill and some entertaining sections outside the ring. The Usos and Dolph Ziggler eventually won the match with Stardust being smashed by a triple kick before Jimmy Uso hit a Splash from the top turnbuckle to get the pin. Whilst this was a good match we can’t help but feel that there have been way too many three man tag matches recently. Isn’t it a shame that aren’t seeing Gold & Stardust facing more tag teams than just The Usos, where did they all go?

Match Rating 7/10

The next segment was, well, pointless. Hosts of America’s Today Show, Kathie Lee and Hoda came out with Adam Rose to, umm, to, OK we have no idea why. Raw has always welcome guest stars and usually the whole world knows who they are and they have something to say on a current storyline, such as Mike Tyson and D-Generation X, but this time these two danced around the ring a bit to Adam Rose’s music, smashed bottles on their bums then left with the Rosebuds. If anyone knows why please let us know in the comments.

Segment Section 2/10

Bo Dallas Vs Mark Henry

Ever since Bo Dallas told Mark Henry to Bolieve in himself after loosing to Rusev at Night of Champions a decent feud has started between the two. Whilst we are still unsure as to who the Heel or Face of the feud is, one thing is for sure and that is that Bo Dallas is doing very well out of it. Tonight would prove to be no exception as Bo made it 3-0 after cleverly escaping into the ring after Mark Henry tried to slam him through the announce table leading to Mark Henry being counted out. The match was very short; in fact, this is pretty much all that happened.

Match Rating 5/10

Next Dean Ambrose came out to speak about John Cena getting in the way of his feud with Seth Rollins, he then invited Cena to the ring to discuss their shared enemy and shared issues. Cena comes out and they both tell each other that they like each other and really don’t want a reason not to. Eventually Ambrose walks out saying he’s going to Coney Island for a hotdog, leaving Cena to face Rollins, Kane & Orton alone.

Segment Rating 6/10

Brie Bella Vs Summer Rae

The stipulation for this match was that Brie had to have one arm tied behind her back. No real explanation was made as to why other than JBL commenting “Nikki had had to do the same so it was only fair”. This was one of the single worst matches in the history of the Diva’s division. Summer Rae struggled to pull off any moves, even against an opponent with one arm. Brie predictably won the match by throwing Summer Rae to the ropes and giving her a running knee, pretty much the only move in the whole match. It is matches like this that the WWE Universe are sick of, we are crying out for a proper Women's division where we can leave all of this rubbish behind and what makes it worse is that talented wrestlers such as The Bella Twins and Natalya are often dragged into it.

Match Rating 1/10

Jack Swagger Vs Tyson Kidd

Another instalment in the Tyson Kidd & Natalya’s failing marriage storyline with little to no explanation. It’s great to see someone stepping up from NXT but the reasons for Tyson Kidd’s push seem contrived. Following a storyline from Total Diva’s and Kidd’s own annoyance at the NXT crowd chanting Natalya’s Husband when he comes to the ring, WWE seem desperate to push it. The match itself was fairly even with both wrestlers getting in some good moves, Kidd using Natalya as a human shield at one point was fairly amusing too. Jack swagger eventually won the match with a Patriot Lock.

Match Rating 6/10

El Torito Vs Mini-Gator

There have been quite a few matches between El Torito and Hornswoggle but this may have been the most ridiculous. Hornswoggle donning a mini Gator suit and crawling around the ring on all fours. Both Hornswoggle and El Torito are actually talented wrestlers, which is why they are at the WWE, but the way they are used is just embarrassing at times. The other question this match raises, along with the earlier matchup with Goldust, Stardust & The Usos, is why are two decent tag teams being left in the dark with pointless matches like this. Los Matadores and Slater & O’Neill should be competing in a good tag division.

Match Rating 2/10

Next to the Ring were Rusev and Lana who had come out to respond to the apology made by The Big Show on Smackdown for tearing down the Russian flag on last week’s Raw. It was clear to see from the start that this storyline is finally reaching a point of no return for the WWE. The crowd weren’t just booing heel characters anymore, this sounded like real hatred toward the Russian nation. This wasn’t helped by Lana’s script. Denouncing America as a pointless failure of a country. Then something changed, for the better.

Rusev was calling for the Big Show to come out and face him but what he got was something much more ELECTRIFYING. The crowd went absolutely nuts as The Rock’s entrance music began and then escalated into a frenzy when he appeared. He came down to the ring and silenced Lana before doing what he does best. What he said may have finally been a turning point in this storyline, stating, “The crowd aren’t booing you because you’re Russian, they are booing because you are A-Holes”. Let’s hope the response to this will not be one based on nationality but finally on a personal feud between Rusev and The Big Show, or even The Rock. Let’s leave the patriotism alone shall we? The Rock was on fine form, delivering all of his famous lines before laying the smacketh down on Rusev who eventually rolled out of the ring and left.

Segment Rating 9/10

Paige & Alicia Fox Vs AJ Lee & Emma

Quite why Paige and AJ Lee keep being put in these bizarre tag matches is beyond us but sometimes they have been good so let’s just leave it at that for now. The match started with AJ Lee facing Alicia Fox; there were some scrappy exchanges before Emma tagged herself in. Now we really like Emma, she’s a fun character and has some serious skill when she’s able to use it. After some good exchanges with Alicia she refused to tag AJ back in so AJ just walked out, leaving Emma alone with Paige who was stalking her as she watched her partner leave. A quick RamPaige and it was all over.

Match rating 6/10

The Miz Vs Sheamus

This was a good match, we all kno0w how talented these two are and they put on a decent performance. What really elevated this match however was Damian “Mizdow” at ringside. The Miz’s stunt double was doing his usual routine, copying Miz’s moves and getting the crowd on his side. This time however the crowd started cheering for Damian Mizdow, a lot, in fact by the end of the match they weren’t chanting for Mizdow, they were chanting for Sandow. Miz was getting visibly annoyed by this and started making mistakes. Sheamus took advantage of the match and nearly hit Miz with the Brogue Kick; he missed however and hit Mizdow, allowing Miz to win the match with a rollup. Could this be the start of a new beginning for Damian Sandow or just a one off crowd? We certainly hope he can finally get the credit he deserves and make a push once again.

Match Rating 7/10

John Cena Vs Randy Orton, Kane & Seth Rollins

Following Dean Ambrose’s departure earlier in the evening, Cena was left to face The Authorities main players alone. This was actually a good match and not the beat down we were expecting. Something that has been easy to forget recently is the fact that Seth Rollins is a genuinely amazing wrestler. He was really on point and pulled off some great moves. The match ended when Kane kicked Cena in the head causing a disqualification. At this point who should arrive but Dean Ambrose, pushing a Hot Dog cart to the ring. Kane and Orton go to greet him only to be covered in Ketchup and Mustard by Ambrose who then attacks Rollins, finally getting a decent beat down on him, assisted by Cena. The fight left the ring and came back to the Hot Dog cart, the contents of which were then emptied over Rollins, Orton and Kane before Ambrose grabbed Rollins in a certain place with the Hot Dog Tongs. At this point The Authority came out and made the announcement we have all been waiting for. It was announced that John Cena and Dean Ambrose would face each other at Hell In The Cell. The winner of the match will then face Seth Rollins, alone, in a Hell In The Cell match. After this Cena and Ambrose gave each other a knowing look before Ambrose knocked Cena to the floor from behind.

Match Rating 8/10

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