When does Gotham start in the UK? All you need to know


Batman prequel Gotham is soon to air in Britain, having premiered in the US last month.

For Batman aficionados eagerly awaiting the airing of prequel Gotham in Britain, the wait is almost over.

American viewers have now seen three episodes of the show that tells the story of a young James Gordon when he was a lowly detective rather than the Commissioner he ultimately becomes. But this month we get the chance to see if it is a hit or a miss when Channel 5 shows season one.

The pilot episode will air at 9:00pm on Monday October 13, with proceeding episodes every Monday thereafter.

Ben McKenzie (known previously for his roles in The O.C. and Southland) stars as Gordon, who arrives in Gotham with the target of cleaning the dirtiest of streets.

Early trailers showed tantalising glimpses of some of Batman’s most famous adversaries including the Penguin, Poison Ivy and Catwoman.

So, just a few days to wait until fans of the DC character can see if the latest show lives up to its considerable potential.