The Walking Dead Season 5 coming soon and Season 6 Confirmed

The Walking Dead Season 5

With less than a week to go until Season 5 of The Walking Dead returns to our screens AMC confirm renewal for Season 6.

It feels like an eternity since we last saw Rick Grimes and his associates and now the time is almost upon us to find out what happens next. Yes, The Walking Dead returns for it's fifth season on Sunday 12th October in America and Monday 13th October in the UK and after we left season four it is safe to say we can't wait.

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To really ramp up the excitement AMC announced today that they have signed The Walking Dead up for a Sixth season consisting of another 16 episodes. Executive Producer Scott Gimple will return for season six along with his fellow Executive Producers Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, David Alpert, Greg Nicotero and Tom Luse. Charlie Collier, President of AMC, said that there would be "Plenty more dead ahead". This has been confirmed by David Alpert who has said that they have enough source material from the graphic novels to reach at least seasons 11 & 12 claiming that they "... have benchmarks and milestones for those seasons if we're lucky enough to get there."

So what do we know about the new season so far?

Warning the next section contains spoilers if you haven't seen Season 4 yet.

When we left Rick and his fellow survivors they had finally, after a very long trip, reached Terminus only to be greated in typically post apocolyptic fashion. It seemed as though their lives were in real danger as the credits rolled for the last time, locked in a container by the residents of Terminus where they discovered a number of their former group, including Glenn and Maggie, already imprisoned. We were left with Rick's ominous words that "they're screwing with the wrong people".

Knowing this we can assume that the season will start at Terminus and that somehow the group need to reason or fight with the residents.

As far as the cast is concerned we know that most of our favorite characters will be returning from the already released cast lists and that Seth Gilliam, formerly of The Wire and Oz, will be joining the cast as Father Gabriel Stokes, whom we know from the graphic novels is an African-American priest who survived the Zombie outbreak by hiding in his church and turning away other survivors.

We also know the names of the first four episodes which are No Sanctuary, Strangers, Four Walls and a Roof and Slabtown.

Finally there is one thing we can be one hundered percent certain of, there will be zombies, lots of zombies.

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