Player finds hidden Destiny DLC area due in 2015


An area due for access in 2015's House of Wolves Destiny expansion has been found, along with three dead Ghosts to pick up too.

Last month one player's glitch in his game of Destiny allowed him to take a peek at the game's upcoming DLC mission locations, names, and other info. In a new video from YouTube user Nowise10, he's revealed a way to access one of the locations in the upcoming House of Wolves expansion due for release next year.

In the video Nowsie10 specifically enters 'The Citadel', a level 22 story mission area on Venus. He shows exactly what you need to do and where to go to enter this area, and as an added bonus you can even pick up three dead Ghosts here already too; you can see where the first two Ghosts are located in the video, whilst the third can be found by using this image. Thanks, Eurogamer.

The first DLC pack, The Dark Below, is due for release in December, whilst the House of Wolves is set to arrive in 2015. Both will be priced at £19.99/$19.99, or £34.99/$34.99 if bought together.

We reviewed Destiny last month, and whilst it's lacking in story content and has a few other issues, we feel it's a solid foundation for the 10 year life span Bungie have planned for the game.

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