Judge Dredd Mini Series Hits The Web Later This Month

Dark Judges

Dark Judges Mini Series To Debut Later This Month. Based On The Popular Judge Dredd Comics.

For you Judge Dredd fans out there, some good news has come our way at HITC. Dredd producer Adi Shankar has been working on a mini series based on the popular Judge Dredd comics. 

The series will revolve around the 'Dark Judges' from the 2000AD comics.

The Dark Judges consist of the characters Judge Death,Judge Fear,Judge Fire and Judge Mortis. It is uncertain at this moment in time if Karl Urban will reprise his role as Judge Dredd for the series, but it certainly would be a good kick-starter for the sequel to move forward.

The series is rumoured to be released online later this month and will be completely free.  

These short films and mini series have been a great tool in recent years. Thanks to the accessibility of the Internet, these mini series and shorts have helped get certain projects green lit from the film studios based on the feedback and passion from the fans.I suppose the most recent example of this was the news that fans would at last be getting their Deadpool movie, but my favourite of all the short films that came to life and one that I was eagerly anticipating you can see below. It first featured at Comic Con back in 2008. 


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