Apple iPad Air 2 details leaked

Apple iPad Air

Apple's sixth iPad is due to be revealed later in October, but new details have been leaked about the new device online.

The Michael Report claims to have seen pictures and illustrations of the new iPads from Apple. They report that their researchers were able to obtain them from sources within the consumer electronics company, but they won't publish them in order to protect the identities of those Apple sources.

The new iPad is to be unveiled during an Apple event in just over a week at the Apple campus' Town Hall.

I've bulleted the key points from The Michael Report's description of the new tablet device for you below:

  • Displays are to use the same tech as the iPhones, meaning the iPad Air 2 will be thinner than the current iPad Air (by about 0.5mm) and have a better quality screen
  • The design will be similar to the current iPad Air
  • The speakers will be a single row grill instead of the current two, and the holes will be slightly larger
  • There's no mute/vibration switch - this was removed in order to achieve the thinner design, and the volume buttons blend into the overall design by becoming less pronounced
  • Microphones have been moved from the top at the front to the back next to the camera
  • The current black and silver colours will be available, including a gold option
  • The iPad Air 2 will run an A8 chip (said to be more efficient than current A7's, meaning longer battery life) with 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB storage may not be available, instead just the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB options.
  • The Touch ID scanner will be built into the Home button
  • Apple Pay will be integrated

And there you have it, the latest leaks and rumours surrounding Apple's new iPad. Although The Michael Report says they've verified that their information is true, do take it all with a pinch of salt until Apple announces or confirms the details.

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