Second part of the Gabriel Knight remake video discusses what's new

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The Gabriel Knight remake discussion continues in the second part of this video interview with Jane Jensen.

Following last week's video that discussed the origins of the first Gabriel Knight game, and how it inspired other developers, the devs have uploaded the second part.

Continuing the discussion the game's creator, Jane Jensen, talks about how they've improved on the original with the new remastering due out next week. Jensen talks about how everything has been completely redone from the ground up, bringing high-res visuals, new voices in the game, and how the soundtrack was re-created from scratch.

The video also continues to hear from other games developers about their memories of the original Gabriel Knight game, and this time it's the turn of Lorne Lanning, creator of Oddworld. Lanning talks about why we're seeing a resurgence of retro-style games too.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition is due for release on 15th October for PC and Mac, with an iPad version released some time in the future.

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