Alien: Isolation launches this week, your xenomorph hunter awaits!

Alien Isolation Xeno

Creative Assembly’s promising new Alien title looms on the horizon

We’ve seen a fair amount of media running up to the launch of Alien Isolation. Most recently a series of trailers asking the question, “how will you survive?” has been looking at the various methods you’ll be using to get through the game (and the nasty ways you’ll be meeting your maker).

While you’ll have weapons at your disposal in Isolation, shooting isn’t always necessarily a good idea, as it could attract the alien that stalks the Sevastopol space station in the game - which most likely will bring about your untimely demise. Indeed it’s been mentioned in the media that you’ll be able to play through the game without once killing an enemy.

As such, Isolation promises a sci-fi survival horror experience that can be compared to the original Ridley Scott film. This is reflected in the way the game has been styled, which brings in retro-looking tech. Sigourney Weaver and other original cast members will even make an appearance in special missions initially available to those that pre-order.

Below is the inaugural launch trailer for Alien: Isolation giving some flashes of the game’s storyline. Playing as Amanda, the daughter of Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies, you pick up events 15 years after the end of Alien as you set off to investigate her disappearance. Amanda ends up becoming stranded aboard an abandoned Sevastopol, where her escape from the xenomorph soon becomes her main priority.

Alien Isolation launches this week on Tuesday 7th October for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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