Billy Ray Cyrus tricked into retweeting picture of Jimmy Savile

First Donald Trump, now Billy Ray Cyrus – attempting to get celebrities to retweet pictures of notorious criminals seems to be the new thing.

The American country star managed to fall for exactly the same trick as Trump on Friday by retweeting a request from a follower. @ekajronnoco claimed his granddad “is a huge fan” and would really love a retweet for his birthday.

Except the picture attached was of paedophile Jimmy Savile. 13 hours after the tweet was initially posted, it could still be found on Miley’s dad’s Twitter page. Oops.

Celebrities in charge of their own Twitter accounts may need to take care in case this becomes some new social networking craze. Trump was not particularly amused after he was caught out earlier this week, saying the experience has taught him not to be so “nice and trusting”. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2010