NBA 2K15 welcomes you to 'MyPark' online mode

NBA 2K15 MyPark trailer screen 1

2K Sports NBA 2K15 launches next week, and a new trailer explains the MyPark online feature.

2K Sports and Visual Concepts latest title in the NBA 2K series - NBA 2K15 - shows off it's MyPark mode in the newest trailer for the game. It's an expansion on NBA 2K14's 'The Park' mode, an online feature that allowed players to use their MyCareer mode stars in games using street basketball rules.

In NBA 2K15's MyPark mode, players have three different street basketball clubs to choose from and join, all offering their own boosts to specific attributes. The Old Town Flyers offer bonuses to Playmaker and Defender attributes; the Rivet City Rough Riders give Athlete and Rebounder boosts; and the Sunset Beach Ballers boost Outside and Inside Shooter attributes.

Each club has its own courts to play on, with their own distinct style and location. The Jordan Rec Center is also shown in the video too, take a look.

NBA 2K15 launches on 7th October for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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