Nick Griffin expelled from BNP

The former BNP leader has been expelled from his party for a variety of reasons.

Nick Griffin lost his seat in the 2014 European elections, having won it in a surprise victory in 2009. He was also recently declared bankrupt.

The party itself has seen a dramatic fall in support over recent years, with one argument for the decline being that many have moved from the BNP to Britain First and some to UKIP.

The party released a statement online, giving a number of reasons for Mr. Griffin's expulsion.

One such reason for his expulsion was: “Harassing members of BNP staff and in at least one case making physical threats.”

What could be seen as a direct response to this particular reason, Nick Griffin tweeted: “Breaking news! I've just been 'expelled' without trial from the #BNP! That'll teach me to tell a member of staff he's a 'useless, lazy twat’.”

Other reasons for his expulsion included: “Bringing the Party into disrepute through public statements,” as well as: “Disobeying legitimate, constitutional instructions given to [him] by [the BNP’s] Chairman, Adam Walker aimed at preventing damage to the reputation and unity of the Party.”

BBC political respondent, Ross Hawkins (@rosschawkins), tweeted: “Nick Griffin declines to talk to BBC. Responds to my text: The members and I will sort it all out without resorting to the BBC gutter.”

Furthermore, ExposingBritainFirst, a group dedicated to exposing the lies of Britain First, also tweeted: "We would not be too surprised if Nick Griffin finds a new home in Britain First."

Nick Griffin's expulsion is hardly relevent in today's political climate, due to the BNP's decline. However, there was a time when it was felt that the BNP would make headway, with the 2009 European elections confirming such fears. But that time is gone. Nick Griffin is now an irrelevent figure on the political scene, but whether this is the last we have heard of him is yet to be seen.