GTA Online Last Team Standing update is now live

GTA Online Last team Standing update logo

Rockstar has updated the online section of GTA V with a new game mode and content.

The new Grand Theft Auto Online patch today brings a bunch of new content around the Last Team Standing mode, as announced by Rockstar today over on their blog.

The Last Team Standing mode starts players off with just one life, meaning if you die you won't respawn until the match is over, so tread carefully.

Included in the update are some new vehicles, weapons, and gear, as well as some new Creator features.

The new firearms are a Heavy Shotgun and the Marksman Rifle, whilst new masks, tops, pants, bulletproof helmets and more have been added to the clothing choices. A couple of new motorcycles - the Shitzu Hakuchou and LCC Innovation - have been added along with new cars too.

The Last Team Standing Creator mode allows players to make their own GTA Online Jobs using the mode.

Unfortunately for PS3 owners with a 12GB hard drive it means they won't be able to play online. Rockstar warned of this impending change about a month ago, so it means you'll have to upgrade your hard drive if you're affected and want to carry on playing GTA Online.

Other tweaks and changes have been implemented in the update which you can read more about on the blog announcement.

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