Alien: Isolation teases one more way you could meet your end

Alien Isolation

Sega and The Creative Assembly offer up one final video in the series showcasing the many ways you could meet your maker in Alien: Isolation.

Just when you thought you may see all the ways you could possibly die in Alien: Isolation, the devs offer up the final tease video. That's probably a good thing, otherwise we'll know everything before we get our hands on the game.

In the newest, and final, trailer that asks 'how will you survive', we're shown more footage of the game's creepy environments. Those bloomin' androids seem to be the catalyst to Amanda's demise once again too. I would have thought she'd learnt to keep away from flaming androids in the last video?

Once again Amanda comes a cropper to the hands of not only an android, but ultimately the alien itself. 

Alien: Isolation launches next week on 7th October for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360,Xbox One, and PC.

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