Destiny's website and app get an update

Destiny Companion app 09 30 2014 has implemented a few improvements and tweaks to it's Grimoire and the companion app.

If you've been playing Destiny  you'll know that, and maybe even the game's companion app, will have been your best friend. What's that, you don't use them? I think you should probably take a look at least! In a blog post on they've laid out a few improvements in the latest update.

The biggest changs are to the Grimoire, which now makes it easier to review your cards and see your progress in-game. It's also easier to search for articles and newly resolved issues in the help section too.

The list of changes in the update are below:

Major Changes:

  • Grimoire Update: It is easier to review cards and see your in-game bonus progress
  • Help section has been updated to make it easier to search for articles and browse for newly resolved issues

Notable Fixes:

  • Clan names now appear in game for accounts set to private on
  • Raid Advisor now shows weekly boss progress
  • Forum topics replied to by a Mentor or Bungie Employee now display a badge
  • Page loading in Internet Explorer is no longer slow for AJAX pages
  • Sign-in will keep you on the page you were browsing
  • Group Probation message displays the appropriate times
  • Team scores are available for team-based games
  • The Tower will now more correctly indicate vendors with whom you have business and the companion app have been fairly essential for me with my time playing Destiny. Yes, the in-game story is a bit lacking, throwing up more questions than answers, but if you head over to the website and read the Grimoire it should at least put some of your questions to rest. And the app, well, I use that almost every time I play, as I can talk in my groups and find out who's up for a Strike mission or two. Basically, until the game's story is hopefully fleshed out a little more, and the in-game matchmaking gets some improvements, these two tools are really handy.

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