Civilization: Beyond Earth gameplay trailer explains everything

Civilization Beyond Earth Logo 1

Firaxis and 2K Games interstellar take on the Civilization series details many of the title's features in this new gameplay video.

A new 10-minute long trailer for Civilization: Beyond Earth looks at many aspects of the upcoming title before it's release towards the end of October.

Broken up into different sections, the video talks about first settling on a new planet, exploring the strange new world, and developing your civilization into prosperity. Aliens, the environment, and other factions can get in the way of progress, so you'll need to think strategically as you go.

If you think this is just another Civilization game the trailer will quickly convince you otherwise. The tech progression in particular looks completely different, and uses a 'Tech Web' instead.

Take a look at the trailer below.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is due for release on 24th October for PC

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