Upcoming games for PS4 - September 2014


September’s selection of PS4 games, including Bungie’s ambitious new FPS Destiny, FIFA 15 and Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor

Here are the new games coming to PS4 in September

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate - 2nd September North America, 5th September UK

Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors, / Samurai Warriors cross-over comes to PS4 for fans of hardcore wall-to-wall hack and slashing


Velocity 2X - 2nd Sept

The follow on from the Vita hit Velocity Ultra, 2X is a fast paced shoot ‘em up / platformer with added teleporting mechanics. Subscribers to PlayStation Plus will be able to pick up this brand new game for free in September.


Destiny - 9th September

Bungie’s new FPS, Destiny blends in aspects of an online RPG in a futuristic setting that shines graphically on the PS4. Will Destiny bring lasting change to the FPS genre? From what we’ve seen so far it stands a good chance


NHL 15 - 9th September North America, 12th September UK

The 24th installment in EA’s NHL ice hockey sim series. NHL15 benefits from a number of new features on new gen consoles, including improved collisions and puck physics.


FIFA 15 - 23rd September North America, 26th September UK

EA’s hit soccer sim returns for a new season, again benefitting from a number of new features designed to give the action new levels of realism.


Natural Doctrine - 23rd September North America, 26th September UK

Kadokawa Games tactical JRPG makes it’s way over from Japan. Play as protagonist Jeff in turn based combat across large scale battlefields.


Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 19th September UK, 23rd September North America

A host of familiar Marvel faces join Disney’s NFC figure game in three plotlines following The Avengers, Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy


Defense grid 2 - 23rd September

The sequel to Hidden Path’s acclaimed tower defense game, Defense Grid 2 promises a completely new storyline, enhanced graphics and new threats to test your defensive strategies


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - 30th September

Join Talion and his cohabiting wraith in a Tolkien-inspired action RPG that offers up some interesting gameplay to explore with its Nemesis system, in which some NPC actions change depending on how you interact with them.


Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments - 30th September

Holmes and Watson are back in Frogwares’ latest sleuthing adventure. Hone Holmes’ superhuman powers of detection in a series of cases that give multiple outcomes dependant on moral choices you make during your investigations

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