Another Assassin's Creed game appears on the App Store

Assassins Creed Identity Screen 1

Ubisoft studio Blue Byte is developing Assassin's Creed Identity for iPhone and iPad.

Just when you thought you needed just one more Assassin's Creed game, another one is released. Assassin's Creed Identity is a free to download 3D action title for iPhone and iPad that's available in Australia and New Zealand only at the moment, with an international release planned for 2015.

Being developed by Blue Byte (an Ubisoft studio), Assassin's Creed Identity's 'soft launch' in Australia and New Zealand will be used to gather feedback from players to tweak the game further for it's official release next year.

In the game players can create their own assassins to take on many missions in Italy during the Italian Renaissance. As your assassins increase in level you can apply skill points, which begin a training timer. By purchasing 'Abstergo Credits', with your real hard-earned cash, you'll be able to speed the timer up. There are other items that can be purchased using real cash too. Am I the only one who let out a sigh at this point?

There's a gameplay video from TouchGameplay's YouTube channel below, which gives a look at the game on the iPad in it's current state. Thanks, Kotaku.

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