Ex-PIMCO founder Bill Gross, his star status and sneezing

Sneeze Sebastian Smit

Bill Gross is the Bond King.

Bloomberg News reports that Gross founded Pacific Investment Management Co. more than four decades ago and ran the world’s largest fixed-income fund. Gross, who abruptly quit on Friday to join Janus Capital Group Inc., is also known for saying some wacky things, especially this year, when he faced a series of escalating setbacks.

His onetime heir apparent Mohamed El-Erian quit, investors pulled $24.8 billion from his largest fund, and the press depicted him as running Pimco like a dictatorship.

Gross on his star status:

In June, he strolled on stage at Morningstar Inc.’s investment confab in sunglasses to give the keynote address. 'Pretty cool dude,' he said admiring himself on the jumbo screens. He referred to himself as the Justin Bieber of the bond market.

Gross on sneezing in his May investment outlook:

There’s nothing like a good sneeze; maybe a hot shower or an ice cream sandwich, but no –- nothing else even comes close. A sneeze is, to be candid, sort of half erotic, a release of pressure that feels oh so good either before or just after the Achoo! ... So usually sneezers just let it rip, cover with their hand, and pray there’s nothing visible behind it. If there is, there might be a pocket to wipe away the evidence, at least for guys like me. Ladies? Their outfits are obviously less sneeze proof.

Hit the link below to access the complete Bloomberg News article:

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